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I stared into my freezer for an hour this morning. I miss the olympics.

Hi! *waves*

Yesterday about 8 people told me "So I read your journal. Your whole journal. You're fired." Most of these people were my roommates, which means I'm probably going to be teased for about three more weeks, but there may (or may not) be more awesome people lurking.

My profile
About Me: I normally refer to myself here as C - a vague attempt at keeping anonymity. Which is sort of pointless now that my mom reads this (HI MOM!), but I'm somewhat fond of it now. I'm in my third year at the University of Ottawa, where I take courses about Shakespeare, realist game theory as applied to arctic sovereignty, and Arabic short vowels. I enjoy all of those a lot more than you would think is socially acceptable. While at school I'm heavily involved with international development clubs like Engineers Without Borders (they only let me be in charge of things because they haven't figured out I'm not an engineer yet. Shhhhhh). I currently live in a house with three superheroines who enable my tea-drinking habits. I love learning and talking about world issues, politics, and feminism, and entertain many vague pipedreams of working in diplomacy/politicking/development/NGO sectors. Or just hanging out with monkeys, I'm still fairly flexible at this point. Whatever I do, though, I just want to be good enough at it that I will one day be interviewed by Jon Stewart.

And this is my journal, which means most of what I talk about is how the grocery store was out of kleenex or whether it's academically acceptable to use a Dr Seuss reference in an essay title or something slightly idiotic like that (USUALLY IN CAPS LOCK). Which is a lot less interesting than you'd think. So I just wanted to point out a few places to go if you were interested in my actual writing. Which you may actually find more idiotic than the kleenex thing, and that's fine. But since I've had this journal since 2005, there's a lot of projectile word vomit to sift through, so here's a list of Things I'm Not (Entirely) Ashamed To Have Written:

-'Wonderwall' (on balance in the world, and why I'm an optimist)
-'The larks still singing bravely fly' (Remembrance Day 2009)
-'Cinderella Didn't Catch That Coach' (on growing up)
-'Editing (or, Cinderella Didn't Catch This Coach Either)' (on changing my majors at school)
-'Two Wheels Down' (a typical Day in the Life)
-'I never knew Neda' (about privilege and learning things about the world you'd rather not, but need to nonetheless)
-'Boxsprings' (in which I get my own house)
-'earthquake' (in which I make a plea)
-'Rime of the Ancient Mariner 2.0' and ''Machiavelli' has Five Syllables' (sometimes I like to rewrite classic poetry, or write terrible poetry about the classics)
-'Glitter in the Air' (on taking a bow)
-'Waving Flag' (on the World Cup, Canada, and multiculturalism)
-'Them Kids' (on youth and changing the world)
-'Bare feet run a race just as joyous and fast' (I wrote a letter to my future self while I was in Kenya)
-'Map Reading' (more on growing up)
-'Ceilidh at the Kitchen Table' (my love for Celtic music)
-'Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species' (I used to want to be a zookeeper)

Now, if anyone IRL ('in real life') sees themselves or someone else mentioned (I use pseudonyms for most people in order to avoid that though) or disagrees with something I say, or wonders why I wrote something, you're more than welcome to engage and ask questions :) But this is first and foremost my journal, which I have because I discovered the hard way that having a paper journal means that your little sisters can find it and draw inappropriate things on it. I think xkcd says that fairly well. So welcome, and have a brilliant weekend!
much love,

And now, for a few useful charts:

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