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I went into town to see some friends, and ended up crashing the play practice because, well, that's where most of them were. I was in a Shakespearean youth company for 3 years (which I wrote about here), and last year was the first summer I didn't spend learning lines and breathing iambs. Seahorse and I waited outside, not wanting to interrupt, but Rat opened the door so we could come in - we lingered near the front of the room as first one person, then a few, waved to me in varying measures of subtlety. Finally Robin (our magician of a director) turned around, did a humongous double-take, and then sprinted the length of the room towards me.
Rehearsal sufficiently interrupted, I hugged a few people and then settled down to watch them run the rest of the dance rehearsal. I don't actually know 'As You Like It' well enough to pass judgement on anything yet, even casting (except for Erica as Rosalind, because yes). Khris ecstatically told me "I'm NOT the fool this year!!" and I had a moment to consider just how much he'd grown up, that he was telling me how much more of his involvement this year was mentoring the young 'uns than simply acting (as the Senior Actress, you'd best believe I saw a lot of that), and I was introduced to the group. Since there were newbies there who had no idea why their rehearsal had been interrupted by Robin's screaming, I was introduced as "a true lover of Shakespeare, and I hope all of you are coming to love and live his work as she and I do," which is one of the most wonderful ways I've ever been introduced. 
I then went off to play 'Things in a Box' in Rat's mother's restaurant with my friends, and was reminded how different they are from the people I'm with now but how much I still love them. I'm going to try very hard to come back and see this year's play to usher the new guard in. Cor, do I miss it.
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