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It is Canadian Thanksgiving, a lovely long weekend in October that I am very fond of - it's been gloriously warm and orange, and fully of family, adopted or otherwise. And wow, it's been a long time since I've made a public entry here. I apologise, I've been off frolicking on Tumblr (aka Not Actually Writing). 

Things Wot I am Thankful For This Weekend:
1) Orange juice. Nectar of the gods, the light through yonder window, O Citrus My Citrus, ad nauseum. Bless.

2) Democracy. This is on my mind because of last Thursday's provincial election and because we've had so many elections, especially in the wake of the Arab Spring. I'm very thankful that, uninspiring as my choices were, I was nonetheless able to attend an all-candidates' debate and ask questions, chose between a variety of parties (including ones that weren't part of the official 4), and cast my vote secretly, safely, and with a minimum of hassle. I also don't have the Nobel committee playing politics  a week beforehand, so thank goodness for that. (Not that Ma Ellen doesn't deserve recognition, just... wow, endorsement of the century much?)

3) My iPod. An amazingly diverse collection of music and moods at my fingertips to drive my feelings, and such a tiny, beautiful, complex piece of technology. Thanks, Steve.

4) My EWB team. I just sent off a spate of emails about upcoming campus and community events. Our Fair Trade Campus campaign was written up in The Fulcrum yesterday, we've made incredible progress, and are gaining quite a bit of traction. I have such a great group of dedicated and hard-working individuals on this team (and when I say 'I have,' I mean 'these people exist and I am fortunate enough to work with them') that have gone to so many meetings and have done such an amazing job. We're dropping a fair trade puck (made from Liberian rubber!) at the opening hockey game, the Fair Trade Ottawa team is hosting a great Halloween event, and we're collaborating with other campus groups. I'm feeling incredible pride in what these people have managed to do, incredible drive to keep moving forward, and a big warm fuzzy feeling. Yay *g*

5) Twitter. A daily source of constant entertainment, knowledge, awareness, and camraderie. I've got about 7 different communities there, and it's still so much edifying fun to reach out and make new connections. 

6) Quidditch. Mock if you must, but it's made my Sundays full of friends, sunshine, unabashed geekery, frolicking, and fun. It's made me a much healthier person. I sprinted all the way to campus and back (on a trip for cupcake icing, but that's irrelevant here...) the other day with plenty of breath in my lungs, something I used to struggle with. I'm so glad I started this, but not for the reasons I was expecting.

7) The dress I'm wearing. I look great today. Just thought you should know that. *flounces*

8) Home. God, I love this place. The lake is lit up with bright leaves and a burning last blaze of sun right now, and I'm so, so glad and at peace to be back in my big airy forest. Muskoka que je t'aime.

9) Sunroofs. Drove my dad's car into town this morning feeling like a giant golden retriever the whole time. Wheeeeeee!

10) Maman.  I've already lost track of how many times I've hugged her so far. Great start to the weekend.

Hope you all have amazing weekends, whether it's Thanksgiving your way or not! Go frolic in the leaves regardless. *puts on leaf-stomping boots*
much love,
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